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Let me share my twelve years of my experience in networking and why I believe speed networking is the best along with learning. Also see how you can reap the benefits of the strategy while avoiding its pitfalls.

When I won my first speed networking deal, I was excited and smiled so hard, my cheeks hurt! Speed networking is the one thing I've experienced more pain th.... Read More

Speed networking changed my life forever.

When I first heard about speed networking, I had no idea how much of an impact it would have on me. Once I learned about speed networking, I felt like I had found my calling. I really enjoyed the way it engaged me. Hence, I was able to become familiar with the subject matter easily. Moreover, if you are too polite to end a conversation, you might end up taking the time to listen to the story of the wrong business connection because you .... Read More

Excellence in speed networking comes from 4 key things…

Speed networking is a growing industry that can thrive as the economy shifts. A mastery of the skill is a wise investment. Make a lot of money with speed networking if you
How can you reap the benefits of the strategy while avoiding its pitfalls? Maybe speed networking is the answer. In a more structured and time-efficient manner, speed networking facilitates the introduction of new business contacts and enables you to meet many more business leaders in one setting. Here is the trick I use when working with speed networking clients that makes them go kaput.

Key 1: Understanding what makes speed networking so popular?

In order to facilitate business contact, speed networking aims to facilitate introductions and conversations at a rapid pace. During the event, each participant is rotated quickly so that they have a chance to interact with as many people as possible. The format of speed networking allows you to spend 1-2 minutes on each rotation introducing yourself and learning more about the other person, making it highly efficient. We will have chance for each person to give their elevator pitch and discuss how we can help each other, including introducing one another to others in our networks. It is gold to m.... Read More

Key 2: Implement the following four hacks as soon as possible to boost networking sales.

My first speed networking experience was scary. Fear of succeeding in speed networking….it’s a real thing. My first encounter with a speed networking client made me really nervous, I don't know about you. Making speed networking work for you and filling your pipeline and diary is easy with speed networking. Take a look at these tips to maximize your speed networking experience.

Obtain information about the event :

What is its format? What will your time with each participant be like? Do you have a theme or a dress code for the event? Understanding all the details, including the organisers, of the event can increase your sense of preparedness, reduce your anxiety and help you set reasonable expectations. If you know how much time you have with each person, you can create a succinct elevator pitch that suits the duration as well as a few questions relevant to the duration.

Decide what elevator speech to use:

Put yourself in the position of a potential client in a networking event. Now imagine that you have just 30 seconds to one minute to communicate your message and convince them that you want to stay in touch after the event. With such limited time, it is critical to choose words carefully.
The solution is to practice your elevator speech. Every successful person doing speed networking uses this trick. A short window of time allows you to effectively pitch to potential clients, ensuring that every minute you spend is well spent. In simplest terms, an elevator pitch is a short and persuasive sales message. The idea of an elevator pitch is that you only have a limited amount of time to convey your message.
Every successful person doing speed networking pays for this research tool. A successful elevator pitch revolves around the ability to convey skills, knowledge, vision, or credentials in a short time frame, convincingly. You might talk about who you are or what you can do. Depending on who you are speaking to, you could focus on your business, what it can do for them, and what its strengths are. There are many networking events in cities across the country and around the world which can be used to hone your elevator pitching skills. Every time you speak with a professional, you have the chance to use an elevator pitch. No matter what your goal is, whether you are trying to sell your services, find funding, or create new contacts, elevator pitches are limited to the length of a few seconds before your audience is ready to move on. Consider the elevator pitch as the professional equivalent of speed dating!

Decide who you want to meet :

what is your primary objective? Do you have any common interests? Do you want to introduce yourself to a specific audience? Check and find out if there are individuals or businesses whom you don’t want to meet for some reason. Could you recommend an eminent person who would be able to introduce you to the audience you wish to reach out to?

A pen and business cards:

Bring your business cards with you when speed networking! In order to take advantage of your limited time with each person, you need to make sure you give them your contact information along with your website link. Update the LinkedIn profile of your company as soon as possible. Notes can be taken on business cards or notepads so keep a pen handy.

Key 3: Every successful person doing speed networking uses this trick for getting straight to the point

As each rotation has a time limit, small talk is out of the question. You can avoid making small talk by going straight to the point. Knowing what information you want to communicate about your business and yourself is essential before you begin speaking. Make your conversation short and memorable.

Ask the other person the right questions:

You need to make sure that your objectives and goals are clear while engaging the people in the speed networking and You have aligned your message and questions with your objectives and the outcomes you want to achieve from this type of networking event.
Show interest in the speaker by keeping eye contact, making eye contact, nodding, and encouraging them by showing you are listening. You only have a few minutes to speak with each person, so be succinct and show that you are interested in them. It is very important not only to listen to the other person, but also ask the right questions as soon as possible and keep the engagement going on the right track.
Good listening increases your likeability and makes a good impression. By letting the other person speak first, you can also demonstrate your willingness to listen.

Key 4: Every successful person doing speed networking uses this trick after the event - Followup and Confirmation

When you meet someone with whom you hope to do business or maintain a relationship, make it quite clear that you would like to speak further. Next, you need to act. Afterwards, you should connect with them. Arrange for a meeting, preferably over a coffee. Following up with your new connections is utmost important and crucial and should never be given less priority than building your business.
Speed networking events can be a thrilling and extremely beneficial experience if you're looking to network in an exhilarating and efficient manner. You can get a lot of success in connecting and networking which in turn will make you a lot of money if you learn to love speed networking
Regardless of your feelings, you will have an awesome time. You'll have a blast no matter how you feel!