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It's time to invest in you

The Business Club is the foundation for hundreds of people to build their own successful businesses. Besides overcoming your challenges, you will keep learning, developing, and growing as a member. Our goal is to help you build a successful business by turning what you already know you love into a thriving business that lets you live the life you've always thought about.


Achieve your goals

What is your motivation for what you do? What drives you? What keeps you going every day? Where does your passion come from? What keeps you going? And why? What motivates you to get up and work every day? And why do you do it? When you get up everyday, what gets you out of bed? What is the point of getting up if you don't know? Goals help us identify every action we take, and give us something toward which to strive. Having goals helps us identify the purpose of every action we take, and gives us something to strive for. Goals give us direction and allow us to know what we are working towards. Every action we take must have a goal so that we know what we are working towards.

Achieve the results you're looking for Your results are waiting Get the results you want

What keeps you motivated every day to get up and work? To give us direction and to motivate us to achieve them, we need goals. Goals without action plans are just dreams! With SNG, we're bringing together like-minded businesswomen who are equally passionate about their jobs, so we can GROW TOGETHER! Then to make it happen ... together! Getting to know your goals, planning, and then taking actions! Managing yourself is often intimidating, isolating and challenging, especially for someone who is their own boss. It's like a rollercoaster that's more than a little frightening. We can achieve everything we want by working together!

Discover what Business Club has to offer

SNG Goal Setting & Planning

When it comes to owning your own business, setting goals and creating a plan are two steps you must take. As part of the SNG Goal Setting and Planning workshop, we will walk you through everything you need to know, and we will also meet each month to check in and see how everyone is doing. Additionally, you can use our office hours if you need assistance nailing down your plans or if you need assistance in completing your projects.

SNG Masterclasses

Take advantage of our masterclasses led by the world's leading business minds and unlock your potential. Each month we add to our list of masterclasses a wide range of tools and applications for businesses including Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Canva, LinkedIn, Planning Tools and more. Your Business Club Membership includes all recorded and ongoing LIVE Masterclasses, so you can get started right away.

SNG Office Hours

Feel free to use Office Hours like an actual office by joining us in our virtual office. Bring your ideas, use a meeting room, enjoy a cup of coffee and rant! Make the most of this time by taking advantage of 121 coaching or implementing the learnings and working on your goals and 90-day plan through the expertise in the room.

SNG Online Networking

Online networking is included with Business Club Membership. There may be some differences between our networking meetings and what you're used to. The dress code is relaxed, and intros and pitches aren't awkward. There was just plenty of mingling and getting to know other business people. Come and meet other SNG members to expand your network.

SNG Inspire

Members and guests are invited to share their career stories with us. We find these sessions inspiring and full of useful advice; hearing about the successes of other business owners is a great way to inspire ourselves.

Social & Wellbeing

Regularly, we get together more socially - even online! Enjoy meditations or dancing! We actually enjoy hanging out together, so we need to make some time for you.

SNG Book Club

As part of our monthly SNG book of the month, we share what we are reading. After reviewing the book, we share our thoughts and the top lessons we learned, inviting members to share with us too. Seeing how everyone has applied what they have learned from the books is so insightful. People learn different things from the experience. The fact that everyone is applying what they have learned from the books is great to see. And reading them helps keep you up to date. For more reviews, visit our blog.

SNG Exclusive Member Community

The SNG team believes it's OK to have an off day, and to acknowledge you don't have the answers yet. It's OK to ask for help, to not know, to share our stories with one another, and to support one another is what our Community is about. Within our community, you'll find a community that's always there for you - when you need help, to commiserate with, to laugh with, to grow. Participate in the discussions, tell us when things are going great or that you're not doing so good. If someone in the group seems to be doing better than you, give them a shout and ask them how they're doing. Learn from them!