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Become an ambassador and organiser of your own local event in your locality in association of our global brands

Having trouble finding a networking group that suits your needs? Become an ambassador and start your own business networking group.

Here's how you can start one with us as an ambassador! By not having a successful networking group, you are missing out on opportunities. By following the steps and processes outlined by the Speed networking group, you can create an effective one that is efficient, productive, and beneficial for you and your members.

We are on the lookout for entrepreneurial self-starters to run their own local events in their locality under our brand name. This is a great opportunity for small business owners to use networking to promote their own business. Find out more about why you should run your own networking group.

Participating in meaningful activities with other people results in social capital. Having relationships built on trust and common interests builds a solid foundation for both professional and personal success. Networking groups are the best way to build social capital by connecting with others who share your goals. Following our process and guide will help you establish your own networking group and position you as a leader in your community.

If done right, these networking groups can be a powerful tool for building relationships in the world of business for you - and if you're considering starting your own networking group, this could be the beginning of an exciting new chapter. Networking has led to many valuable contacts. It is said that things happen through people you know. Therefore, the more people you know, the greater your chances of achieving your goals.

There are times when the right networking group isn't available

It is also said that if you want something done, do it yourself. As a brand of B2B Growth Hub, Speed networking group is dedicated to bringing communities together - and we're fully supportive of your efforts to provide like-minded business people with a place to socialize, share ideas, and advance their careers. With us, you can start your own successful networking events based on a proven model and organise the parties you'd actually want to attend. The idea of starting a business networking group came to me when were planning to launch the commercial arm of B2B Growth Hub back in April 2016. If you run a small business yourself, you know that marketing and promotion of your business is your constant challenge. The cost of business promotion, or marketing, can be very high. Even if you spend a great deal of money on promotion, results aren't guaranteed. As a matter of fact, I have found that expensive marketing produces the poorest results. Having said that, let's first discuss a few key decisions you'll want to make before moving forward.

A favourable introduction or a Referral, what makes your Speed Networking Group great?

Whether you're seeking opportunities or looking for like-minded individuals, connections are always powerful.

Are there any marketing strategies you can use to save your business a bunch of money or help you bring strong organic business growth? A favorable introduction - or a referral.

Referrals are essential to any business. I strongly believe that favorable personal introductions are important for small businesses as well as well-established ones. In addition to being cost-effective, they convey credibility. The most important thing is that you don't have to spend time trying to sell yourself to anyone. When speaking with potential clients, you can get down to the nitty-gritty of what you can and cannot do.
Great if it works out. However, if things don't work out, you made a new friend and can move on together. You may not be able to do business with that person, but he or she may know someone who can use your services. Personal introductions save a whole lot of time, there's no doubt about that.

Among the benefits of networking are:

  • Establishing stronger business relationships
  • Developing new perspectives and ideas
  • Identifying opportunities
  • Guidance and mentoring
  • Relationship building on a professional and personal level
  • Business growth and professional resources
  • Support from the community
  • Developing self-confidence
  • Providing and receiving business referrals

Are you looking to host a networking event in your local area ?

Become a host to:

  • Raise your Local Profile
  • Support your Local Business Community
  • Connect with like minded individuals
  • Support your existing networking
  • Demonstrate your skills and expertise
  • Expand your business network and contacts data base

Additional Benefits as a host:

  • Upload your professional profile to our website
  • Hands on support through our Network
  • Become part of a fantastic energetic team
  • Earn additional income revenue
  • Get invited to exclusive training events

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How Networking Groups Achieve Their Goals ?

There are a number of goals that individuals set for themselves when they join a networking group.
Depending on the circumstances, they all differ. Consider making a list of basic networking goals before joining a group or starting your own if you don't have any.
You will also be able to attract the right type of members by identifying your why before starting a networking group.

Example networking goals might be something like:
Helping others with more referrals
Gaining a competitive edge for your business in your industry
Growing your Business
Finding the perfect Opprtunity
Making a constant and consistant noice about your business
Obtaining new client prospects
Raising brand awareness for your business in your locality
Growing your knowledge
Have quality leadership position in your local business community

Starting your own business networking group gives you the power to approve members, unlike already established groups.

Suppose you are an financial advisor and an interesting business networking group is recently introduced to you. The other members were about your age, helpful, and interested in helping you grow your business. The only problem was you see is that that there were many other financial advisors in the group already who had established relationships with the other members. You thought it might take a long time to overcome that obstacle.

Without discounting the possibility of joining that group completely, it will occurred to you that you could start your own business networking group and have much better results.

You can read the article on google as well as in Investment Advisor Magazine by Jeff Joseph about how he started a few groups and it’s really helped his business. If the idea appeals to you too, you can see why. You can expand your circle of influential community members, help others grow their businesses and establish new clients and referrals sources for your business at the same time.

It allows you to build a highly curated team of professionals who are all working toward a common goal.

For more information or to enquire about launching the networking events in your local area, please contact us

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