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Hello and welcome to Speed Networking Group. Members of Speed Networking Group should read this information carefully. This material should be read carefully and the policy sections should be read in full.

About the Speed Networking Group

Building the company of your dreams but unsure of the next step forward or looking for a step-up program to increase growth? We believe that It is likely that you are a business person who is looking for growth in both personal and professional areas! Well, whether or not that's the case, we're glad you're here. Thank you so much for being here. Our aim is to create a networking group that is not only focused, productive and fun but also assists you as a business person to grow your business through online or in-person networking. We help yo.... Read More

Objective and Mission of the Group

As a network of the group of businesses, organized by unit, we aim to promote business referrals across the network to other businesses within that unit as well as to other outside national and global units through our global network of businesses. A SNG Club membership can literally transform your business. Our team provides the resources and skills you need to set up and grow your business the way you like. Helping you achieve your goals and boosting your business success on your own terms is our mission. Referrals are rewarded with cashbac.... Read More

The Meeting Format

SNG Business Club offers online meetings each week and a face-to-face networking meeting on a monthly basis, giving you plenty of opportunities to gain referrals. Each member and visitor has 60-90 seconds to promote their business in an informal setting. At each meeting, one member presents a more comprehensive overview of her or his business for ten minutes. With our weekly presentations and quarterly half-day workshops, we have a strong focus on sharing knowledge and developing skills among our members. Members can also share business concer.... Read More

Where We Operate

Along with operating all over the UK and British Isles, SNG Business Networking Club is also slowly spreading overseas to become a global network of business connections through our partner locations. The meetings allow participants to network in a relaxed, pressure-free atmosphere within a professionally structured environment. As of now, we operate SNG Business Clubs throughout the UK and British Isles, and plan to launch clubs in Austin, Texas, in the USA, Ireland, India, Poland, Australia, France, and 25 other countries over the next 5 year.... Read More

SNG Members

Local business people in SNG Business Club come together as the members of the community to network, exchange ideas, and grow their businesses through mutual support and referrals. We do not force referrals and recommendations, unlike other networking groups. Nevertheless, as members start to trust one another and friendships develop, recommendations will naturally occur. Due to the hard work that SNG Business Club puts into its members, the best businesses are referred to them. This allows you to acquire customers faster and easier than your .... Read More

Exclusive Membership Upgrade

By paying a small premium, businesses can upgrade their membership to exclusive members, and become one participating business per industry (based on their product or service description) at your base unit. It is a privilege status and would only be granted via an application which would be subject to approval from the committee members before the exclusive membership is awarded. If an exclusive membership is not aarded then the application can be kept in a waiting list under the base unit and will be given a priority to join in future if the s.... Read More


Advertisement is a staple of most businesses, so we would never recommend stopping. Comparing the value of referral marketing with advertising is essential. As a SNG member, you also have access to up to 50 or more people every day to market and promote your product, services and/or brand..... Read More


Cost-effectiveness is the most important factor of advertising. Referrals are developed and exchanged through SNG in a structured manner for both business people and referral sources as friends or family recommendation are the most trustworthy form of advertising. SNG Units on average provide 90 referrals a month to their members. Data provided by our members over the past few years indicates SNG members receive an average of over £42,000 per year in business from other SNG members..... Read More


Give someone a chance to do business with you if they are in the market for your product or service. You cannot guarantee a sale with a good referral, but it will give you the opportunity to introduce your company to someone who is interested in your products or services. All members are connected to others. SNG members have access to a wide range of potential business opportunities with this extended network..... Read More


SNG success relies heavily on being a positive member of an organization built on mutual support. Building credibility and building trust are key ingredients to organic business growth, and members should be committed to creating value for each other. As part of our philosophy of facilitating organic business growth, all members are required to create shared value for one another and to make a commitment to building credibility and trust. As we believe in facilitating organic business growth, members need to be committed to creating value for .... Read More

What can I expect for my money

Like most performance activities, SNG Staff Members make the system appear simple. Our company is operated by a professional team that created a user-friendly marketing system and is now maintaining it. The programs service will decrease rapidly if the programs infrastructure and staff are removed. A MEMBER GETS THE FOLLOWING BENEFITS FROM THE SNG FEES: 1. Significant potential for new business referrals. 2. An in-depth understanding of business trends in other industries that will facilitate the operation and growth of ones own enterprise. 3. .... Read More


Members of the International Council of Advisors make up the Board of the SNG. They represent the various global units. Various global units are represented on the Board. The Board is composed of members from different global units. Various global units are represented there. The Board is responsible for ensuring open communication between the membership and SNG headquarters. For more information on contacting your SNG Regional/Executive Director regarding an issue or concern, please click here..... Read More


Units should follow Program Guidelines to run more smoothly and effectively. Guidelines, however, are not policies; they are recommended practices. Units that are being visited ? When members visit other units, they should state where they are from. ? Members who are visiting must refrain from doing or saying anything that would be competitive with the unit's members. ? Referrals from the Unit should be cautious when they are given to unfamiliar individuals, including visiting members. ? Breakfast should be paid for by visiting members. ?.... Read More


1. Open networking and AV check. 2. Special Announcements from the President. 3. Welcome and Team introduction 4. Week's Core Value - President. 5. Overview and purpose of SNG®. 6. Education about networking. 7. Announcing SNG® Network Leaders. 8. Greetings to New and/or Renewing Members of the Unit. 9. Weekly Presentations are given by members. 10. SNG® welcomes visitors. 11. Report of the Vice President and Members Committee. 12. Presentations of various speakers will be announced by the Secretary/Treasurer. 13. The featured speaker(s) presen.... Read More


1. A registration fee is required at the beginning. The fee is payable every year or every two years. Contact the local secretary or treasurer for more information. Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, BACS, and cheques are accepted payment methods. 2. Units may be established in any community with individuals interested in developing referral-based businesses. We reserves the right to open unlimited locations in any region. If we want to have more than one location in a community, we have that right. It is our right to operate more than one office each i.... Read More


All policies related to SNG® are decided by the membership committees of each Unit. In the event a member is failing to comply with SNG® Core Values, Member Policies or Code of Ethics, Membership Committee members may place that member on probation or open their classification. 1. It is possible for more than one person from the same SNG® Classification to join a Unit of SNG® unless an exclusive membership status has been granted at an organization. One SNG® classification per Member is allowed in a unit. 2. Each member should focus on their pr.... Read More


It is not always easy to act ethically, even though it is right. Though acting ethically is the right thing to do, it is not always easy. Even though acting ethically is right, it seldom comes naturally. Even though it is right to act ethically, it is not always easy. Many ethical decisions do not come down to making a clear choice between good and bad. Rather, they require making a choice between competing ethical principles and values. Integrity, fairness, and care are key components of ethical decision-making. Good business practices are b.... Read More


Our mission is to connect members with quality business professionals to network through a structured, positive, and professional referral marketing program and help them develop long-term, meaningful relationships and grow their business with quality business professionals Our mission is to facilitate the growth of business professionals and link them with other like-minded individuals through our innovative platform. Through a structured networking program, we aim to help them establish authentic and stronger business relationships, as well .... Read More